​Emu Oil usage may be helpful with the following:.

​ Potential Benefits Of Emu Oil

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Revitalizing Aging Skin

​Moisturizing Face And Body

​Smoothing Wrinkles 

​Easing Puffiness Under Eyes

​ Smoothing Fine Lines

Age Spots

Soothing Cracked Chapped Skin

Healthy Hair And Scalp

Healthy ​Cuticles And Nails

​ Easing Sunburn And Blistering

Easing Swelling​ 

Soothing Rashes

Smoothing Scars

 Softening Beards 

​Smoothing Keloids

Soothing Radiated Skin

 Acne Inflammation

New Tatoos

Callused Feet

 Razor Burn

Cosmetic Peels

​ Stretch Marks

  Minor Cuts And Scrapes

Soothes Bug Bites & Flea Bites

 Dry Irritated Nasal Passages 

​Soothing Diaper Rash

Hot Spots On Pets

Enhancing Massage Therapy

Chlorine Irritation

Easing Strains And Sprains

Soothing Tired Muscles

Easing Hemorroids

 Sports injuries