OOROOBA ULTRA CLEAR FULLY REFINED/AEA CERTIFIED​ PURE EMU OIL is one of the finest emu oils produced anywhere in the world. The benefits of pure emu oil have been recognized by the Aboriginal people of Australia for thousands of years. Until about 15 years ago emu oil was quietly used by the the Aborigines in the Australia Outback as a sacred healing remedy. They believed that the emu oil sent powerful healing agents through the skin into the body. Today emu oil is raved about in Vogue , adored by Oprah, Goldie Hawn, Angela Lansbury and Demi Moore..."Emu Oil makes you glow on day one...Its considered one of the biggest beauty secrets..," - Chicago Tribune

​Our Emu oil is treated with natural clays under high temperatures​ and low absolute pressure. These clays absorb any impurities which are the removed through filtration producing a sterile, safe and consistent product. Our Emu oil is then independently tested using a certified AOCS chemist in order to meet the stringent requirements of the AEA (American Emu Association). The physical refining process has been perfected by 18 years of extensive research and lab testing. The processing facility is a registered  FDA  Manufacturer regularly inspected by the Dept. of Agriculture. The process is environmentally safe and all natural. AEA emu oils are never cut with any other type of oil. Buyer beware of imitation emu oils.

​OOROOBA Emu Oil is sourced entirely from sustainable farms in the USA. Our farmers do not normally use any antibiotics​ on their farm raised emus as it is unnecessary. Emus are different from many animals in that their body temperature is so high that medication and worming is not normally necessary. Our emu farmers do not use growth hormones or steroids on their farm raised emus as the feed industry has developed superior natural feeds that closely match the nutrition that the emu requires to maintain its natural optimum weight. Emus are different from many animals in that their body temperature is so high that medication and worming is normally not necessary. The Emu is a very hearty animal that seems to be immune to most diseases that affect other livestock in the USA. The Emus are raised in spacious pens and are treat with great care and respect.

​OOROOBA Ultra Clear Emu Oil contains a complete balance of essential fatty acids (Omega 3,6,9) which play an important role in the regeneration of healthy new skin cells. Natural lipids found in emu oil mimic those in human skin helping to replenish the skin from the inside out.

OOROOBA Ultra Clear Emu Oil is incredible for just about all types of skin conditions and is gentle enough to be used on the most sensitive skin. Using Emu oil​ may potentially help with dry skin, wrinkles, cuticle care, stretch marks,scars, rashes , burns, sunburns, fungals on the skin, ease muscle and joint discomfort.

​Emu oils natural anti-inflammatory properties and capacities for deep penetration make it a safe alternative to synthetic and chemical treatments for skin and hair. Small ammounts (0.15%) of natural vitamin E are added to our emu oil helping to increase the shelf life so that you can enjoy it longer.

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